Dog-Wielding Psychopaths

That’s the link to a great TED talk about psychopathology. It includes the case study of a man who, after being arrested for brawling in a bar, pleaded temporary insanity to avoid a short jail sentence only to find himself indefinitely locked in a psychiatric hospital. Hilarity ensues.
Recently I deleted all of my friends on Facebook, and refused to add anyone as a friend (except for my brother) until someone reached out to me first. I then proceeded to add friends as people seemed to align with the character of the person who came to me.
Fast forward to this [note], to which I have tagged many of my friends in the hope that they will read it, and because I have some new projects in the works. I will be re-upping my Internet presence soon as I officially launch my own business.
One of the things that I am bringing back is the “Katty Rant”, and this [note] is kind of my first one. It’s the tale of my experience with someone, sparked and prefaced by an incident that occurred at Wal*Mart (aka Satan’s Lair).
I was waiting in line for the ladies’ behind a woman that had a dog with her that did not have any of the usual insignia of a service animal. Another woman asked her what kind of dog it was. I was wondering the same thing myself, as it was a very interesting looking dog; it appeared to be an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. However, the dog owner responded that it was a companion dog. The interrogator pointed out that it must be in order to be in Wal*Mart (thus reiterating via implication that her question referred to the breed of dog), to which the dog owner reiterated that it was a service dog. The rest of us (about 4 ladies) exchanged awkward looks, as the question on the table obviously referred to the breed of dog in the first place, and as I mentioned, the attempt to clear up this misunderstanding had escaped the owner as well. 
Because of this she struck me as being slightly mentally handicapped, and therefore perhaps did in fact need a service animal. Otherwise, this ordeal would have been worth a giggle. The lack of insignia on the dog, however, means that the woman probably gets a lot of flack about it not being a service animal, and thus had come to expect the third degree about her rights to have the dog in businesses. But this just begs the question of why the dog is unmarked, bringing us back to the assumption that the animal isn’t a legitimate service dog, and therefore the owner has good reason to be paranoid. But therein lies the question of her mental handicap, and we’re back at square one: Why is the dog in Wal*Mart? The owner’s paranoia leads me to suspect that she isn’t developmentally disabled, but rather somewhere on the spectrum of narcissism. In other words, she isn’t unintelligent, she’s crazy. 
Okay so the good part (because stories are AWESOME):
Once upon a time I knew someone that discussed with me her desire to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder so that she could register her pet as a service animal in order to take it wherever she wanted. This person also admitted to me that she had lied to her doctor about having symptoms of a particular psychological condition in order to get the associated prescription drug for recreational use, and to sell on the side. (Re: fraud, and trafficking. Oh, and tax evasion.)
This is a classic example of the type of behavior that a psychopath is akin to – manipulative for personal gain with a seeming lack of responsibility to others. Granted, drug-seeking behavior is common nowadays, and even if it wasn’t this behavior wouldn’t be strong enough evidence for a serious diagnosis like Psychopathy. In other words, it’s not quite pathological – it’s merely irritating. 
Just to round it all off, this person had a total meltdown to me after she planted evidence that a third party (our roommate, with whom she shared a bathroom) had been stealing said pills, which included bursting into tears over her “necessity” for the drug, and anxiety that there would not be enough to satisfy her need before refilling the scrip. At the time it just seemed like irritating behavior, but hindsight is 20/20, and I now realize that this person truly is/was as toxic as I had intuited. Or perhaps she shouldn’t have promised the sale of goods she didn’t actually possess? Or maybe she should have locked them up? Or not be such a manipulative attention whore? Who knows, and really, who cares? 😉
NOW PLAYING: “Call Off Your Dogs” by Lake Street Dive. I love them, they are so rad.

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